A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods

Volume 2. No. 1. Summer 2008
ISSN 1752-6388



The second volume of Art and Research comes to you following a period of sustained development of the infrastructure of the journal, which now appears twice annually (Summer/Winter). In particular, we welcome new members to our Editorial Board (including John Calcutt, Claire Doherty and Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield) and to our International Advisory Board (including Lars Bang Larsen, Dieter Lesage, Simon Sheikh and Ursula Bieman). In addition to these new members - which doubles the editorial strength of the journal since the inaugural issue eighteen months ago (Winter 2006/07) - Art and Research also welcomes its new Honorary International Advisor, the internationally acclaimed artist and researcher, Susan Hiller. Art and Research now has a global subscription list of artists, academics, curators, educators and researchers from over thirty countries, a fact which is testament, we believe, to a desire for a sustained and focused interrogation of artistic practice and research in the context of current aesthetic, philosophical and political debates. We thank you and look forward with you to future issues of the journal.


Thanks are due to all contributors with special thanks due to Sophie Berrebi who acted as contributing editor to this issue; to Marie-Aude Baronian and Mireille Rosello who conducted the original interview with Jacques Rancière and to Astrid Schumacher (Valiz, NL) and Jacques Rancière for permission to commission and publish an English translation; to Jérôme Richalot, Director of the Alliance Française, Glasgow for advice, to Sophie Morceau at the French Embassy in London, which funded the expert translation by Gregory Elliott. To Stephen Wright and Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield for their editorial input to the transcription of the recorded exchange with Rancière. Finally, thanks are due to the generosity and commitment of Jacques Rancière for permission to publish the transcript of the keynote lecture delivered to the Amsterdam conference and his editorial input into the transcript of the subsequent exchange.

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Clara Ursitti, I BO OK (detail) 2008 (courtesy Clara Ursitti)




With and Around Jacques Rancière

Audronė Žukauskaitė

Sean Snyder

Michael Rakowitz

Jörg Heiser

Dan Kidner

Chris Evans

Clara Ursitti

Andrew Sunley Smith

Brian O’Connell

Sarah-Neel Smith